Why do you need to use a professional rubbish collection company?

Rubbish at home usually builds up quickly! It then either stays in a corner building up waiting for you to have the time to head down to your local tip, even then you’ll have to separate general waste, wood, metal and so on! Let’s not forget about self rubbish removals is the most common way to damage the interior of your car.  

Whether you’re trying to remove garden waste or domestic just think of the time it takes to get it all organised and taken to your local landfill. 

When we carried out a survey, 90/100 people said that if they found a reliable, cost effective  and trusted rubbish removal company then they would book in a heartbeat. 

Following on from this survey and introducing our service, Waste Management London was able to collect over 15 Tons of waste from those customers and recycled over 90% of what was collected. This is what we are proud of! 

The Benefits of Waste Management London’s Services?

1. Time! Even though we’ve had more time on our hands recently due to COVID-19 this has actually made most people realise how important their time is to spend on the things they enjoy and with family. When it comes to sorting through your own rubbish and organising it into sections ready for the local tip, it needs patience!

Waste Management London takes this from you, we’re able to give you a quote over the phone (WhatsApp) and then organise a time to collect. 

2. Recycling Responsibility – we live in a time where being responsible when it comes to recycling is important, it is frowned upon for most when there’s a lack of recycling, rightly so! There’s a 5.3% increase in how the UK recycle their waste, statistically when using a trusted rubbish removal service this figure will double in the coming years.

We will collect your waste, do the necessary material separations when we dispose and therefore increasing the recycling rates. 

We all need to do our part. Recycling has a positive future. 

3. Safety First! Many people don’t know what to do when handling different types of toxic waste and from taking a look at injuries during self rubbish removals, people often get cut, splinters and in some cases burnt from toxic irritation, creating a health hazard.

There are many waste removal companies in and around the City of London, Westminster, Kensington and East London but we are a rapidly growing, licenced and responsible company who keep an excellent track record with our new and existing customers. 

Please get in touch with us today via the live chat service, phone or email, we will be happy to discuss the removal of your rubbish and electrical goods. Please always remember to be responsible with recycling, we are proud to have a great track record with a high percentage of our waste collected is recycled.

We provide many different types of rubbish removal services such as:

Commercial Clearances



Our clients always feel a sense of pride and achievement when choosing a responsible company.

From your loft to your basement, we have a dedicated and professional team to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

From events to restaurant clearances and office removals, Waste Management London are here to help throughout the process. 

We collect your scrap metal, pipeworks, copper and more. Covering London & Surrounding areas, contact us today. 

Professional Family Run Business

We pride ourselves on delivering an ethical, engaging experience that we're proud of. 

Recycling is at the heart of our work

We recycle a large amount of waste that we collect, as part of our company policy and responsibility

We're always fair and honest with our price

Every job is quoted first and all charges are completely transparent, you are always kept informed.

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