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Waste management
House Clearance


Tel: 07340 115185

Our focus is on Rubbish and Junk collection London.  We consider a very important part of our work is intelligent recyling which is vital to help our environment.

Responsible licensed rubbish collection companies like ours will opt for maximum recycling and we currently recycle over 70% of the discarded rubbish we collect.


In our salvage yard at Chelmsford we collect and sell all manner of brick a brat that we collect or buy from clients - goods which would otherwise be needlessly recycled.  Please phone us about your requirements and if we have the items you are looking for, we can arrange for you to visit and view the articles.

House roofs & tiles       Swing Doors items      Wood Planks       Swing Doors items
Chimneys, Doors, Reclaimed Timber, House & Office Furniture, Reusable Computers & Monitors and Many other Items

Our Salvage yard and shop sells anything from cast iron gates and railings, garden ornaments, architectural items to office equipment such as desks, shelving, computers, monitors and doors.  We often have Catering or kitchen items such as sinks, grills, ovens and soft wood and wood sheeting all at very competitive prices.

Building materials include rubble, doors and timber.

Collection & Purchase Scrap Metal

We buy all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal for recycling.

If you have any metal structures that you would like removed we can demolish them for you (fences & outbuildings etc) and offset the costs against the scrap metal value.

Just a phone call away, we collect your waste and rubbish for recycling at a time that suits you.  We can be with you within 24 hours.

Cast iron radiators

When we make our clients' private rubbish collections, if there any items with salvage potential we offset or buy them from our clients and place them for sale in our salvage yard.

We then recycle as much as possible of the remaining rubbish e.g. wood items, metal items, paper, plastics, bottles and electrical goods etc.

As we are a licensed rubbish disposal company you are assured that the appropriate recycling will be applied to protect the environment.

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             Our Services are Approved All Private & Commercial Waste Collection London


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