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Waste management
House Clearance


Tel: 07340 115185

Restaurant Clearance for London, all Postcodes.
We can clear all the unrequired restaurant fittings and fixtures including outside furniture, kitchen equipment and provide clearing of all furnishings and recycle as necessary.  Catering & kitchen equipment may have a second hand value and we can offset some of our collection costs if this is the case.
Our service Complete or partial restaurant, clearance, site clearance, London, catering equipment, furniture & furnishings with low removal charges.

Restaurant Clearance Services London

  • All Catering and Cooking Equipment
  • Good Prices Paid
  • Cold cupboards & freezers
  • Tables & Chairs Clearance
  • Junk, bottles and furnishings Clearance
  • Kitchen Waste and Food Waste Clearance
  • All Paper Cleared for Recycling
  • Cardboard & Boxes recycled

  • Not only do we clear the unrequired items, we make certain we clean up the area afterwards so that no unnecessary mess remains.

    Restaurant Clearance     Restaurant Clearance

    Restaurant Clearance     Restaurant Clearance
    ALL Restaurant Clearance Services LONDON



    Waste Management London are licensed by the Environmental Agency and specialise in restaurant clearance.  Not only do we clear the unrequired items, we make certain we clean up afterwards so there is no unnecessary mess. remains.

    Our helpful collection staff will also remove all kinds of office furniture, IT equipment, general restaurant equipment, shop fittings, paper and card and also confidential waste including fluorescent tubes, CRTs, air-conditioning units, and fire extinguishers.  (We make sure all unwanted hard drives, media, CDs, tapes, etc are destroyed to MOD specifications and provide clients with a Destruction Certification, free of charge.)

    Restaurants completely cleared, Kitchens stripped - We do the work for you!  Leaving premises ready for refurbishment.

    Materials are taken by our licensed disposal company to recycling facilities.  Wherever possible we look to pass goods on for re-use through our extensive network of charity and specialist dealers and we will be able to reduce your costs if goods can be resold instead of recycled.

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    Our Services are fully Licensed


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