Easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment

Across the world, we’re becoming more responsible when it comes to recycling and finding greener solutions, which is great but comes with a caveat! Our online shopping has increased significantly we’re having to work harder to recycle all types of materials, at home.Waste Management London are extremely proud and equally responsible to share basic methods of successful rubbish disposals, here are some easy ways to reduce our constant negative impact on the environment.

Turn electrical goods off

There’s really no need to leave your electrical products on standby, you probably think nothing of it but if you take into account the years worth of energy consumption, it really does add up! Not good for your pocket or for the environment. Try and get into the habit of switching the goods off completely by the mains.

Think back and go natural

Even though our technology is constantly improving the energy efficiency of appliances at home, the need for those products to be on all the time has increased. We should try and think basics, go back many years ago and make just one small change, for example, instead of using your tumble dryer – if the weather’s good, get those clothes outside to dry! This saves money and also you know that you’re helping the environment.

Your Commute

We should take a leaf out of the way most Dutch people travel to work, 27% of the population opt to use the bike over cars! The majority of travel in London is done within only a few miles, you will miss the traffic, save money and more importantly help save the environment.  Driving your car uses large amounts of fossil fuels and contributes to greenhouse gases!

Avoid single-use items.

We all know of the negative impact plastic causes to our planet and ocean, these items are mainly only used once then thrown! This is an easy change to make to try and reuse plastic bottles where possible or attempt to not even purchase a product that can’t be recycled easy. Waste Management London recycle over 85% of all rubbish collection across London and surrounding areas, if you’ve found yourself with a collection of things that cannot be taken by your councils rubbish collection and cannot head down to your local tip, give us a call and we’ll arrange an instant quote.

Educate kids and family

Educating our children, family and friends is the most responsible thing to do as they can take this knowledge and pass it along, this is a global effort which benefits the many many generations to come, listen to this African Proverb which we absolutely love! “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”, yes you can borrow that 😉

– Let us help –

Waste Management London have various services that we offer to all residential and commercial clients, from garden clearances to any type of rubbish removals! As a licenced waste carrier and a responsible company to recycle as much of our collections, covering London and Essex including Mayfair, Westminster, Holborn and all surrounding areas, we’re happy to help. 

From your loft to your basement, we have a dedicated and professional team to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

From events to restaurant clearances and office removals, Waste Management London are here to help throughout the process. 

We collect your scrap metal, pipeworks, copper and more. Covering London & Surrounding areas, contact us today. 

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