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Waste Management London operate a regular waste collection and recycling service throughout the city of London postcode areas.

Comprehensive low cost effective rubbish and junk clearance services for the city of London starting at just £45.00 – recycling of waste, scrap metal and WEEE electrical junk. Site clearance, House Clearance, Office Clearance and Pub Clearance services. 

Covering: Eastern head district: Aldgate (part), Bishopsgate (part), Whitechapel, Shoreditch (part), Spitalfields, Shadwell, Stepney, Globe Town (part), Mile End (part), Portsoken.

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Rubbish Collection Service at the city of London

Whitechapel E1:
Whitechapel E1 is bounded by Middlesex Street and Mansell Street to the west, Fashion Street to the north, Cambridge Heath Road and Sidney Street to the east and The Highway to the south.  We visit Whitechapel which is close to the London Docklands and east of the city of London two or 3 times a week for regular collections.
This year we have already been called to an office clearance in Middlesex Street E1, where a new incoming company was wishing to improve their image by installing many new furnishings and modern equipment.  There was also a new staff kitchen which required the removal of old coffee machines and redundent chairs and tables.

To avoid disrupting the clients working we decided to do the clearance on a Sunday as new furnishings were to be installed early monday morning.

We were able to sell on quite a lot of the goods we collected which allowed us to reimburse the client with nearly 20% of our fees, much to his delight. He said he would recommend our services to other clients he knows in the near future.

Stepney E1:
Stepney is roughly bounded by Commercial Road, part of the A13, in the south, Mile End Road, part of the A11, in the north and the Regent’s Canal in the east.  In the 19th century the development of London’s docks and railways, combined with slum clearance, pushed the displaced poor and various immigrants looking for work into cheap housing being built at the time.

Today Stepney is a vibrant community area with sought after offices and housing with Flats for sale in Stepney, E1 up to £1,000,000 currently through Foxtons Estate….
We are often called to house and flat clearances throughout Stepney and recently assisted a gentleman who was retiring and going to leave the UK to return to his native Pakistan to clear his flat and generate enough money from selling his unwanted furnishings for over £350.00 to be able to reimburse him over £200.00 which he much appreciated.

Shoreditch E1:
There are several estate agents around Shoreditch with some of London’s most fashionable and iconic streets bursting with boutiques, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars. Brick Lane and Boxpark are nearbye.

We operate a clearance service for letting agents in Shoreditch and our services are available out of hours which includes weekends and Bank holidays.  Clients notify us when a lease expires and we arive as soon as a tenant vacates so that the flat is ready almost immediately for an incoming tenant.

Wapping E1:

Wapping is just east of the Tower of London (our local fort from which our Borough gets its name) and Tower Bridge (our local bridge)!
Streets of London, Wapping High Street, E1.
You know you are in docklands? Why? Iron catwalks between the (now-converted) warehouses which can still be seen on Wapping High Street.. Eighteenth-century seadogs would fall over their wooden legs if they tap-tapped their way down the Wapping High Street that we know today.

Today in their place are swanky converted warehouses and apartment blocks made of sparkling green glass. Clients are welcome to use our services for the disposal of their waste and rubbish as well as unrequired furnishings.

Shadwell E1:

Shadwell is a district located on the north bank of the Thames between Wapping and Ratcliff.  Nearby Cable Street is an area of dense housing. We offer our clearance services to clients throughout the area.

Leasehold flats are selling in Shadwell (Shadwell Gardens) at currently between £280,000 and £400,000. The popularity of the East end never seems to deminish.

Mile End E1:

Mile End boasts an unusual landmark, the “Yellow Bridge”. This structure (designed by CZWG Architects, and opened in 2000) allows Mile End Park to cross over the Mile End Road and makes an interesting contrast with the more usual approach of building bridges for cars.  There are garden and water features ideal for walkers and some shops and restaurant space built in below.

We operate a regular collection service in all E1 Postcode areas and offer a same day service.  We cover all these areas where we have been helping clients for several years.

Services include WEEE regulation recycling and site clearance and include, demolition and rubbish disposal.  We have been collecting rubbish for recycling in the East End of London for over 10 years and now offer a bespoke service in all E1, East London postcodes.

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