Disposing of Old Fence Panels, How to!

We all enjoy the summer, being able to spend time in the sun and having the opportunity to make some changes to the garden! Once you’ve decided on what kind of landscaping you want to be completed or just getting round to that garden clearance you’ve been putting off for ages, fences crop up a lot in many rubbish removals we do across London.We would like to share the absolute exciting handful of tips on what to do with those fences! 😒
  1. The local tip trip! Every council’s tip has a section for wood, green waste etc but some may reject certain wood to be dumped simply if it has been treated with varnish or special paint. Always ring your local council to confirm before you make that trip. If you decide to head down there, please be careful as this is a common type of rubbish that ends up damaging the interior of your car! If this doesn’t sound entirely like a good idea, let’s have a look at a few other options.
  2. Breaking it into smaller sections and making a fire in your back garden…tricky if you have neighbours who like to complain a lot and the council may not let you if it releases certain fumes from the varnish or paint.
  3.  This isn’t an option but one we see a lot, customers think they can put the fence panels (broken up) into a wheely bin for the bin men to take. This won’t happen and they will refuse to take it alongside anything else you have in the bin.
  4. Hiring a skip – this can be an expensive option, especially if you need a permit to put the skip on the road. That can take weeks to apply for and cost even more.
  5. Waste Management London (that’s us!) can come and collect your garden waste for a fair and competitive price, our friendly team will let you know the cost, time and removal schedule. We recommend that you plan to have more rubbish removed in one go! Peace of mind. Head over to our contact form or talk with us on the live chat service.
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