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House Clearance Essex.  Fast collection service for all household items, clearance in the event of bereavements, everything unrequired collected for private, domestic, households.


We are acutely aware of the sensitive issues that prevail in the event of the death of a close relative.  Our clearance team are used to these situations and will carefully carry out your instructions on the furnishings and heirlooms the client wishes to retain.

We always check for items clients ask us to retain or have e.g. sentimental value, such as photographs, legal documents, jewellery etc (we will never remove anything without consent).


It's a good idea if you are able to choose a designated room into which you can place all the smaller articles you no longer require.  Heavy items can remain in there original position and all you need to do is use a label saying unwanted.  When our collectors arive tou can liase directly with our team leader to make certain only unrequired articles are taken.

General: Offsetting Collection Costs Essex

We may be able to offset some of our collection costs against the fact that we may be able to resell rather than recycle some items (Furniture, Electrical white Goods, pictures and other bric-a-bracs etc.).  Old electrical equipment, computers, laptops, printers that may be in working order may also have a second hand value, while those that do not need to be disposed or recycled (WEEE Regulations).  Scrap metal also has a numeric value.  We may also offer some of your unrequired items to Charity shops that you designate to help with their donations.

House and flat clearance Services.  Full house clearance by polite considerate professional collectors operating in essex postcodes for all clients.


Furniture and furnishings we clear include all the articles listed below:

  • Bathroom Fittings, Sinks, Baths etc
  • Electrical Appliances all Types for Recycling
  • Carpets & Flooring
  • White goods
  • Garden Furniture/Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Computer Equipment & Printers
  • Unrequired Metal Scrap
  • Tables, chairs & cabinets
  • Shelving

House Clearance Services

Our house clearance services is useful for:

  • End of Tenancy
  • Partial House Clearance
  • Moving House & Unrequired Furniture & junk removal

As a responsible Licensed Waste Carrier we are currently recycling over 90% of all the house clearance we collect.



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