Air Conditioning Rubbish Collection – EC3 / EC4

Our team here at Waste Management London were called to commercial properties for rubbish collection and removals in the city of London EC3 + EC4 in 2 locations. 

Our friendly team came inside the shop and removed several A/C units, ducting and other pipework from the rear of the shop, the whole process was welcomed by our client for efficiency and professionalism. 

There is a term called WEEE which stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment, it is an abbreviation and a term that is used across various industries to show standards of recycling electrical goods, in the proper way. Throwing these items in the bin goes directly to the landfill!

Our team will come out to you for any type of rubbish and waste collection, covering the City of London, East, South, West, North London.

Feel free to contact us on our live chat service or call for a free quote. 


How can Waste Management London help?


We provide many different types of rubbish removal services such as:

Commercial Clearances



Furniture Rubbish Collection

Garden Clearance & Removals


Please get in touch with us today via the live chat service, phone or email, we will be happy to discuss the removal of your rubbish and electrical goods. Please always remember to be responsible with recycling, we are proud to have a great track record with a high percentage of our waste collected is recycled.

Our clients always feel a sense of pride and achievement when choosing a responsible company.

House Clearances

From your loft to your basement, we have a dedicated and professional team to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Commercial Clearances

From events to restaurant clearances and office removals, Waste Management London are here to help throughout the process. 

Scrap and Salvage

We collect your scrap metal, pipeworks, copper and more. Covering London & Surrounding areas, contact us today. 

Make a booking through our contact form below or speak to our team on the live chat!

Call us on 07340 115 185

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