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Waste management
House Clearance

Rubbish Collection & Disposal Mayfair W1

Tel: 07340 115185

Rubbish/Junk Recycling Mayfair W1.

Lowest Prices guaranteed from £45.00

Mayfair is an affluent area in the West End of London towards the east edge of Hyde Park, in the City of Westminster, between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane.

Low Cost Effective Rubbish Collection & Clearance for London

Comprehensive low cost effective rubbish and junk collection services for London starting at just £45.00 - recycling of waste, scrap metal and WEEE electrical junk. Site clearance, House Clearance, Office Clearance, Pub Clearance services for London businesses, shops and households.

Mayfair W1 - Google Maps

Fast effective rubbish, junk collection and site clearance for London - by Waste Management London.

rubbish Collection Services      Office Clearance & Recycling
Rubbish Collection London - Our Collection Vehicles

The current increase in garbage throughout the West End W1 increases the threat to the environment and human health.
Waste is continuing to be deposited in landfills polluting more areas with each passing day affecting the land, the underground water resources, vegetation as well as the air we breathe. we now require less waste generation and efficient management of the material that is coming out domestic homes and businesses. The W1 Mayfair area is protected by legal companies like ourselves who are actively engaged in rubbish collection in W1 Mayfair.


Effective Rubbish & Waste Disposal

Our services include general rubbish collection, hardcore, building waste, electrical waste (Weee). We offer all Site clearance, House Clearance, Office Clearance, Pub Clearance services for W1 Mayfair businesses, shops and households.

Our WEEE Recycling Services W1 | Mayfair

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment and is a directive from government concerning the correct disposal of all electrical equipment in the UK.  The WEEE directive controls electrical waste disposal from private homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and all government agencies.

  • Computers, computer equipment, monitors, towers, keyboards, printers, scanners,
         laptops etc.
  • Electronic games consoles
  • Video recorders & DVD players
  • Large household appliances, washing machines, spin dryers etc
  • Small household appliances, electric drills, saws, electric tools etc
  • Electrical and electronic tools
  • Television & computer monitor
  • Mobile phones & mobile phone equipment

We attend to household rubbish collection needs of the area. Our domestic rubbish and waste management includes removal of construction and renovation rubble, clearing garbage from house, removing garbage from garden and garage, removal of all the general rubbish such as containers made of plastic, tin, glass, corrugated paper, paper or cardboard, plastic items, wrappers, rejected food items, vegetable scraps, spent battery etc. We also offer daily collection.

We have professional experience at separating each class of material and taking to recycling centres and reducing landfill. However, the responsibility of successful control lies with our clients to help minimize the pressure on our scarce resources.


Commercial Garbage Collection Mayfair

Material discarded from commercial units makes up for a major portion of waste generated throughout W1. Moreover, the material coming out of industrial units is more hazardous and toxic in nature, and tackled carefully to avoid pollution.

Hotels, restaurants and shops generate mostly food and vegetable waste which are compostable and can be used as fertilizers.

Foreign money has poured into Mayfair: residents of more than 42 countries now live there, and 60 per cent of its residents were born overseas.  We offer the lowest prices for junk and rubbish removal possible and make certain that over 70% we are able to recycle from the collections we make.

Its elegant squares and streets were designed at the beginning of the 18th century by a handful of powerful landowners, including the Grosvenor family, which to this day remains a major player in the area. Built originally as a residential area, it became a commercial centre after the Second World War and subsequently lost its lustre.

Waste Management London operate a regular private rubbish collection and recycling service throughout W1 | Mayfair Postcodes.
Call us today, we may be able to provide a collection on the day that you call!

Recent Project: Shop Clearance - Burlington Arcade W1 | Mayfair

Shop Clearance for a shop that had been in the Burlington Arcade for many years with high value antiques, shop fittings that we had to carefully dismantled ready for replacement elsewhere.

These shop fittings were difficult to dismantle and if damaged were irreplaceable. We have undertaken these projects in the past and have gained considerable experience enough to make certain we did not damage any of the display fittings The client was extremely anxious about the move as many of the items had been in the shop for generations.  We completed the task on time within budget and had an extremely grateful owner.

The Burlington Arcade Mayfair is a covered shopping arcade in London that runs behind Bond Street from Piccadilly through to Burlington Gardens. It is one of the precursors of the mid-19th-century European shopping gallery and the modern shopping centre.

Address: 51 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0QJ
Opened: 20 March 1819 - Hours: Open 9am-7:30pm

Burlington Arcade     Inside Burlington Arcade.jpg
(i) Burlington Arcade (ii) Inside Burlington Arcade
Arcades are quite common in London and originate back in the late eighteenth century.  We offer a bespoke service to clients in arcades who wish to dispense of items they no longer require.


Mayfair is an area of central London, by the east edge of Hyde Park, in Westminster.  The district is now mainly commercial, with many former homes converted into offices for major corporations with many former homes converted into offices for major corporations headquarters, embassies and also hedge funds and real estate businesses.

There remains a substantial quantity of residential property as well as some exclusive shopping and Mayfair's largest concentration of luxury hotels and many restaurants.

Mayfair | W1 is part of our regular rubbish collection/waste disposal and recycling areas.  Call us today for a free low cost quotation.  We operate a same day rubbish collection service.


Our 'van and man' rubbish/junk collection is ideal for Mayfair where parking is very restricted and skip hire is prohibitively expensive and usually requires a permit.


We purchase all types of scrap metal and sort them at our salvage yard in Brentwood. We can collect scrap from anywhere and we will come to your premises with our accurate scales and weigh the scrap and offer the day's price and pay you into your account for your metal. (You must be able to produce a valid Photo ID card).

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections requirements, so we are able to fit in with your required collection. 

Just a phone call away, we can be with you within 24 hours or often on the same day.

Office Clearance      Office Clearance  Help    low cost site clearance

Mayfair: W1 (i) House Clearance (ii) Office Clearance (iii) Site Clearance Low Prices

House Clearance
| Office Clearance | Site Clearance


We offer a fast office clearout of junk in Mayfair.  If you are moving office or just want to free up space we can also assist you in your move.  Old office equipment, desks and partitions are recycled, and if we are able to collect and resell some of your old equipment, this will save you fees on your overall rubbish disposal and moving costs.


We buy all kinds of scrap metal and pay the days value when we collect.  We collect all scrap metal types from silver, brass and copper to zinc and all types of ferrous metals which we sort at our depot in Brentwood.

We bring our scales to your premises and weigh the metal in front of the clients and are able to make payments in cash provided the client is able to produce a valid up to date Photo ID card.

Old Bond St     Hanover Square
The Royal Arcade in Old Bond Street - St George's Church, Hanover Square
Arcades are quite common in London and originate back in the late eighteenth century.  We offer a bespoke service to clients in arcades who wish to dispense of items they no longer require.

We operate a 1st class service for homes and commercial/business users in Mayfair including offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs, .  Whatever your business you will find our rubbish collection services both polite and friendly with drivers available to load all your junk into our caged tipper or other suitable waste collection vehicles.


We will collect and dispose and recycle all your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way


Moving Premises?  We can help you in London with collections timed to meet your requirements - out of office hours and weekends by arrangement.

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections requirements (available generally 24/7), so we are able to fit in with your required collection schedule. 



  • Shop Clearance
  • Flat & House Clearance
  • Restaurant Clearance
  • Scrap metal Purchased
  • Rubbish Clearance
  • Secure Document Destruction


We purchase unrequired catering equipment.

kitchen Equipment pub kitchen Clearance
Unwanted Pub Kitchen Equipment Purchased - Recycling Mayfair | W1


Whatever restaurant equipment you wish us to clear - furnishings and fittings, old cabinets, freezers disused equipment, restaurant furnishings, etc, just give us a call for an instant quote.

We provide full restaurant clearance solutions in many cases achieving 90% Recycling and avoiding landfill diversion.

We pay cash for unwanted kitchen equipment.

Restaurant Clearance     Restaurant Clearance 2
Restaurant Clearance Services W1 | MAYFAIR.


All cardboard is 100% recyclable.

All you need to do is place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.


You can choose to have a rubbish collection once a week up to five days a week if you are producing a large amount of waste/rubbish.

A same day service is possible and we are licensed with the Environment Agency.


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Our Rubbish Services are Approved

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