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Waste management
House Clearance

Rubbish Collection & Disposal N6 | Highgate

Tel: 07340 115185

Rubbish/Junk Collection & Recycling Services N6 | Highgate

Waste management London operate a regular rubbish collection and recycling service in Highgate, N6.

Lowest Prices guaranteed from £45.00

Low Cost Effective Rubbish Clearance for N6 | Highgate | Rubbish Collection

Comprehensive low cost effective rubbish and junk clearance services for N6 | Highgate | Rubbish Collection starting at just 45.00 - recycling of waste, scrap metal and WEEE electrical junk. Site clearance, House Clearance, Office Clearance, Pub Clearance services for N6 | Highgate | Rubbish Collection businesses, shops and households Fast effective rubbish, junk clearance and site clearance N6 | Highgate | Rubbish Collection - by Waste Management London.

rubbish Collection Services      Office Clearance & Recycling
Rubbish Clearance N6 | Highgate | Rubbish Collection - Our Clearance Vehicles

Highgate | N6  Highgate has an active conservation body, the Highgate Society, to protect its character.

Highgate in our collection areas retains many green expanses including the eastern part of Hampstead Heath, three ancient woods, Waterlow Park and the eastern-facing slopes known as Highgate bowl.

We always like to provide services in Highgate - it is such a pleasant area.  We have several regular clients in Highgate including a few offices and shops that continually require services.  Household services are generally a 'one off' in that a garage clearance is only needed every year or so and other reasons for our collections are end of leases, landlords' services and house clearance.

We provide a polite and informative service and usually can accomodate clients for 'out of hours' services without charging a higher rate.

Highgate from Hampstead Heath     Highgate from Hampstead Heath
view from Hampstead Heath:  Highgate Cemetery

Commercial & Business users N6 | Highgate We operate a 1st class clearance service for offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

We welcome all enquiries for house, office, shop and restaurant clearance services.  We purchase Kitchen equipment if there is a second hand value and can usually sell second hand furniture to dealers which offset our collection charges to our clients.

Our rubbish collection services are both polite and friendly and our working crews are available to load all your junk into our collection vehicles.


We have a salvage scrap yard in Brentwood where we process scrap metals collected from clients.

There are legal aspects to buying scrap metal from clients so we have to be careful it is sourced legally.

call us if you have scrap metals you wish to sell and tell us the quantities.  We can collect it from your yard and pay you in cash!

We will bring our scales to where the scrap is, weigh it and pay you the day's rate in cash.  This is only possible if you have a valid Photo ID card,


We recyle legally all the materials we collect.


Our site clearance services are augumented by our vast experience.
For the last ten years we have been involved with light demolition services and clearing metal and wood structures.

We also do light groundwork.  An example was when we were called upon to clear an old warehouse where a tyre shop had been and also a car repair centre.

Residual rubbish included many car batteries, scrap metal car parts, starter motors and generators (WEEE waste) and corrogated iron. We cleared everything within 2 days and also demolished a small metal shed that was no longer required.


Office Clearance
Shop Clearance
House Clearance

We offer complete office clearance and are able to offer secure document destruction. We can remove all office furniture, filing cabinets, computer stations, printing equipment and junk at reasonable prices - much cheaper than our competitors.

Shop clearance services are fast and usually completed on the day that you call. we recycle all shop fittings and those that have a second hand value we sell to dealers in the sector - and this helps us to reduce the fees for our clients.

House clearances are carried out to the instructions of the client and may be partial or full as required. We can be useful if you are moving house as we can arrive at the same time as your removal van and take away all the items you do not wish to take with you.

We recently carried out a house clearance for a landlord at the end of a lease, where the outgoing tenant had left a great deal of paperwork a bed and chairs, a table and a defunct micowave cooker in the kitchen.

Office Clearance      Office Clearance  Help    low cost site clearance

N6 | Highgate (i) House Clearance (ii) Office Clearance (iii) Site Clearance Low Prices

House Clearance
| Office Clearance | Site Clearance

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections requirements. 

We can be with you within 24 hours or often on the same day.


Cardboard recycling. N6 | Highgate

All you need to do is place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.


You can choose to have a rubbish collection everyday if you are producing a large amount of waste.

A same day service is possible and we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency Logo

Our Rubbish Services are Government Approved

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services:


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