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Waste management
House Clearance

Rubbish Collection & Disposal N13 | Palmers Green

Tel: 07340 115185

Rubbish/Junk Collection & Recycling Services N13 | Palmers Green

Waste Management London operate a regular waste collection and recycling service in Palmers Green, N13. We provide fast rubbish collection services throughout the area.

N13 Palmers Green Shopping Centre along Green Lanes has many restaurants, pubs, clothing shops, independently owned cafes, beauty salons, and branches of Superdrug, Wetherspoons (The Alfred Herring), Waitrose, Morrisons, WHSmith, The Carphone Warehouse and Starbucks.

Fox Pubic House Fox Lane     Green Lanes
N13 | Palmers Green (i)Fox Public House: (ii) Where Green Lanes temporarily becomes High Road, Wood Green.

Clearance Services include: offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Clients recommend our Office Clearance services in N13 | Palmers Green. We have carried out office clearance services in many areas of london over the last few years.

Office clearance can include almost anything from computer stations to fire extinguishers!  We clear all types of office furniture from small tables, cupboards, filing cabinets to printing & computer equipment. House Clearance services are availble for tenants, landlords, estate agents and are useful at the end of tenancy and include all furniture and equipment that is no longer required.

Whatever you require you will find our rubbish collection services both polite and friendly with drivers available to load all your junk into our van or other suitable waste collection vehicle.


We have a new salvage yard at our base in Brentwood.  Part of this is our new scrap metal facility. We purchase scrap metal for cash. please call us if you have scrap metal to dispose of.  Our new service allows us to come to your premises and bring our calibrated special scales to weigh your waste.  We can then pay you the daily rate in cash for your metal.

We collect all types of metal scrap including iron, steel, corrugated iron, zinc, brass, lead etc. You can only use this service if you have a valid Photo ID card.


We will collect and dispose and recycle all your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way

SITE CLEARANCE: N13 | Palmers Green

All our clients recommend our site clearance services.


Shop, Office and House clearance is our speciality.

We recently cleared a house in Palmers Green for a client who was returning in retirement to Cyprus. All the possessions he wanted to take were already in transit and he just needed to clear the house and garage as the house was already sold.

There were two van loads of furniture and many tools in the garage as well as piles of newspapers to recycle. We were able to pass the furniture on to second hand dealers we know and the money recovered was enough to half the cost of the removal services.

Office Clearance      Office Clearance  Help    low cost site clearance

N13 | Palmers Green: (i) House Clearance (ii) Office Clearance (iii) Site Clearance Low Prices

House Clearance
| Office Clearance | Site Clearance

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections requirements (available generally 24/7), so we are able to fit in with your required collection schedule. 

Just a phone call away, we can be with you within 24 hours or often on the same day.

We can recycle Cardboard. If you have an ongoing amount of cardboard to clear we can make a regular collection - just leave it out at an agreed location.

just place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.

You can choose to have a rubbish collection several times a week if you are producing a large amount of waste/rubbish.

We run a seven days a week pick up service and a same day service is possible and we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency.

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Our Rubbish Services are Government Approved
Our clients recommend our services:

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