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Waste management
House Clearance

Rubbish Collection & Clearance EC1

Tel: 07340 115185

Rubbish Collection Clearance & Recycling Services EC1

Low Cost Effective Rubbish Collection & Clearance for EC1

Lowest Prices guaranteed from £45.00

Comprehensive low cost effective rubbish and junk collection services for EC1 starting at just £45.00 - recycling of waste, scrap metal and WEEE electrical junk. Site clearance, House Clearance, Office Clearance, Pub Clearance services for EC1 businesses, shops and households

The City of London is a historic financial district, home to both the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. Modern corporate skyscrapers tower above the vestiges of medieval alleyways below. Affluent workers frequent its smart restaurants and bars. Tourists visit iconic, 17th-century St. Paul's Cathedral,

EC1 The city of London - Google Map

Fast effective rubbish, junk collection and site clearance for city of London EC1 - by Waste Management London.

rubbish Collection Services      Office Clearance & Recycling
Rubbish Collection EC1 | Our Collection Vehicles

Low Cost Effective Rubbish Collection & Clearance for EC1

Our collection vehicles are in EC1 most days of the week for regular collections required by our clients. To help us provide a suitable service it would help if you could forward a photo of the collection area showing the actual junk or rubbish you want to be removed.

We are able to provide services out of normal office hours and can arrange collections on Bank holidays and at weekends. We cover all EC1 areas.

Our services include WEEE electrical waste collection. WEEE electrical rubbish recycling EC1. All electrical rubbish must be disposed of correctly in accordance with the regulations laid out in the WEEE - Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Regulations for the UK.

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment and is a directive from government concerning the correct disposal of all electrical equipment in the UK.  The WEEE directive controls electrical waste disposal from private homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and all government agencies.


  • Computers, computer equipment, monitors, towers, keyboards, printers, scanners,
         laptops etc.
  • Electronic games consoles
  • Video recorders & DVD players
  • Large household appliances, washing machines, spin dryers etc
  • Small household appliances, electric drills, saws, electric tools etc
  • Electrical and electronic tools
  • Television & computer monitor
  • Mobile phones & mobile phone equipment

Ask about our WEEE Rubbish EC1 collection services.

We have many clients who use our city of London EC1 collection services.  Covering Barbican, Clerkenwell, Finsbury & St Lukes, it's home to some very cutting-edge restaurants around Smithfield Market, close to City University and St. John street.  It also houses many relatively new office developments.  A lot of our work in this sector revolves around office clearance services and related services like secure document destruction.


We purchase all types of scrap metal and sort them at our salvage yard in Brentwood. We can collect scrap from anywhere and we will come to your premises with our accurate scales and weigh the scrap and offer the day's price and pay into your account. (You must be able to produce a valid Photo ID card).

Recent Project:
We were invited to participate in a large warehouse clearance where a garage service had been established, and there remained a great deal of scrap metal and car parts including starter motors, generators and batteries as well as tyre equipment that was no longer required.

A geat deal of the electrical equipment was recycled as WEEE (Electrical) scrap. The lead from the old batteries was also sent to recycling. We were also able to sell on many metal wheels that were also stored there.
As a result of our efforts we were able to reduce the Fee to the client by over 25%.

Office Clearance Specialists EC1

Case History - Recent Clearance

We were called by a client who was moving his offices to docklands away from Clerkenwell EC1 and also wished us to remove lots of furniture and computer stations which he no longer wished to retain.  Apart from that there were a great number of filing cabinets full of confidential papers he wished to dispose of.  We used our unique system whereby we bring our secure shredding machine to the office enabling the client to watch as we shredded all his unrequired information.

This task was carried out on a Saturday morning outside normal office hours.  We are always prepared to go that little bit further to provide our clients with a bespoke service, which is why we are often recommended and continue to win assignements in the city of London.

office clearance     Kitchen Equipment
EC1 Rubbish Collection (i) Office Clearance (ii) Kitchen Equipment Purchased

rubbish Collection Services for all EC1 Postcode Areas:
  • Barbican
  • Clerkenwell
  • Finsbury
  • St Lukes
We are on call every day in the city of London and can usually collect junk and rubbish from your premises on the same day that you call.

bishopsgate     Clerkenwell Green
Our Rubbish Collection areas include: (i) Barbican Centre (ii) Clerkenwell Green

We operate an appropriate legal rubbish collection service for our clients.

Our friendly staff and drivers are available to load all your junk into our suitable waste collection vehicles.

Finsbury town Hall
     Finsbury War Memorial
Finsbury Town Hall and War Memorial EC1

Rubbish collection services EC1 by our Government Licensed Waste Collection service.

Out of hours Services EC1?

Clients may use our services outside normal business hours which include the collection and recycling of goods including furniture, fixtures and electrical waste(WEEE). Our service includes the clearance of scrap metal which we purchase at the daily rate and removal of all other unrequired items.


Moving offices?  We buy scrap metal and pay immediately!  Not only that we come to your premises to collect metal desks and partitions, etc, weigh the items and offer you the days rate - this is only possible if you are able to produce a valid up to date ID Photo card.

Part of our friendly services which include full site clearance services.   We are available outside normal office hours and can make collections at weekends and bank holidays.
Our prices are always lower than our competitors - we guarantee the lowest quote you will receive!

We collect all kinds of scrap metal and pay cash for materials collected from stainless steel, zinc, copper, aluminium, copper piping, brass and bronze. Call us for an instant quote.

St Lukes church     Barbican centre
EC1 - (i)St Lukes Church (ii) Barbican Centre

Office Clearance      Office Clearance  Help    low cost site clearance

EC1 Clearance Services. (i) House Clearance (ii) Office Clearance (iii) Site Clearance Low Prices

House Clearance
| Office Clearance | Site Clearance


  • Shop Clearance
  • Flat & House Clearance
  • Restaurant Clearance
  • Scrap metal Purchased
  • Rubbish Clearance
  • Secure Document Destruction


We purchase unrequired catering equipment in EC1.

kitchen Equipment pub kitchen Clearance
Unwanted Pub Kitchen Equipment Purchased - Recycling EC1


Whatever restaurant equipment you wish us to clear - furnishings and fittings, old cabinets, freezers disused equipment, restaurant furnishings, etc, just give us a call for an instant quote.

We provide full restaurant clearance solutions in many cases achieving 90% Recycling and avoiding landfill diversion.

We pay cash for unwanted kitchen equipment.

Restaurant Clearance     Restaurant Clearance 2
Restaurant Clearance Services EC1.

Our house, office & site clearance services are ideal if you are moving premises in EC1.

Just separate all the items you want to be collected into a separate area.  Whether you occupy the top floor or are in the basement we will carry all the items out that you no longer require.

Site Clearance services: Risk assessment will be completed before commencement of work as we comply with health and safety legislation.

We specialise in all types of site clearances and removal of obsolete plant, including dry and other waste and offer full and partial clearances.

Barbican   is most famous for the Barbican Centre - a performing arts centre in the City of London.

The Centre had a long development period, only opening long after the surrounding Estate housing complex had been built.  It is situated in an area which was badly bombed during World War II.  This is part of our collection areas.


We will collect and dispose and recycle all your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.  As our vehicles are in the city most days of the week quite often we can provide a same day service.



Moving Premises?  We can help you with flexible collections timed to meet your requirements - out of office hours and weekends by arrangement.


We purchase 2nd hand kitchen equipment in working order and recycle all unrequired items. This service is useful for office canteens and local restaurants.

Use our specialist Service EC1: City of London Waste Collection

Call for advice on all your specialist collection requirements e.g. removing asbestos etc, so we are able to give you the correct advice and fit in with your required collection schedule. 

Just a phone call away, we can be with you within 24 hours - often on the same day.


Disposing of cardboard EC1? All cardboard is 100% recyclable.

All you need to do is place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.


You can choose to have a collection once a week up to five days a week if you are producing a large amounts of waste.

We are fully licensed operators with the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency Logo

Fast Load and Go services with friendly crews. Lowest prices for EC1 - bad news for our competitors


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