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Rubbish Collection & Disposal

Tel: 07784 499779

Rubbish/Junk Collection & Recycling Services

Waste Management London operate a regular rubbish collection and recycling service.

Mill Hill in Barnet is currently the area of new housing estates and new growth.

Mill Hill Broadway toward Mill Hill Circus      Mill Hill Broadway toward Mill Hill Circus
Mill Hill Broadway toward Mill Hill Circus 

We operate a 1st class service for commercial/business users including offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs - you will find our rubbish collection services both polite and friendly with drivers available to load all your junk into our vehicles.


We collect all scrap metals.  We pay cash on the day we collect.  Call us and we will bring our scales to your base and weigh the metal in front of you and pay the correct daily rate in cash.  How is this possible?  You will be required to produce a valid Photo ID card.


We will collect and dispose and recycle all your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.


We can clear most sites very quickly ready for refurbishment.
Use our vast experience and light demolition services for full site clearance.
Call us today!


Professional Services:

Office Clearance      Office Clearance  Help    low cost site clearance

(i) House Clearance (ii) Office Clearance (iii) Site Clearance Low Prices

House Clearance
| Office Clearance | Site Clearance

Shop floors cleared including fittings & fixtures.
All junk recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

Junk Collection advice:
While we visit areas daily and we can collect on the day that you call it is uneconomic to make daily visits to collect small loads unless we can fit them in with other local connections.

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections.

Just a phone call away, we can be with you within 24 hours or often on the same day.


All cardboard is 100% recyclable.

All you need to do is place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.

You can choose to have a rubbish collection once a week up to five days a week if you are producing a large amount of rubbish.

A same day service is possible and we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency.
Competitors cannot match our prices:


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