Rubbish Collection & Disposal Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Millwall, Poplar, E14.

Rubbish/Junk Collection & Recycling Services Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Millwall, Poplar, E14.

Waste London Services Ltd operate a regular waste collection and recycling service in Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Millwall, Poplar, E14, E India Dock Rd, W India Dock Rd, Poplar high St, Aspen Way, St Paul's Way.

Wanstead Flats is surrounded by the heavily built-up areas of Leytonstone to the west, Wanstead to the north with Manor Park and Forest Gate to the southeast and south respectively. To the north-west it is connected by way of Bush Wood to Leyton Flats, and to more northerly reaches of Epping Forest.

Isle of Dogs: The Isle of Dogs is a former island in the East End of London that is bounded on three sides (east, south and west) by one of the largest meanders in the River Thames.  It is almost bounded to the north by the South Dock (part of the old West India Docks).

Isle of Dogs Historic Map
Isle of Dogs Historic Map.circa: 1899

We operate a 1st class service for commercial/business users including offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs in Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Millwall, Poplar, E14.  Whatever your business you will find our rubbish collection services both polite and friendly with drivers available to load all your junk into our caged tipper or other suitable waste collection vehicles.


RUBBISH COLLECTION: Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Millwall, Poplar, E14.

We will collect and dispose and recycle all your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way



All restaurant refuse, cooking oil etc taken and recycled and rubbish disposed.  Moving Premises?  We can help you in London with collections timed to meet your requirements - out of office hours and weekends by arrangement.

Call for advice on all your rubbish collections requirements (available generally 24/7), so we are able to fit in with your required collection schedule. 

Just a phone call away, we can be with you within 24 hours or often on the same day.

All cardboard is 100% recyclable.

All you need to do is place a sticker on your cardboard recycling parcels and they will go directly to our recycling facilities.

You can choose to have a rubbish collection once a week up to five days a week if you are producing a large amount of waste/rubbish.

We run a seven days a week pick up service and a same day service is possible and we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency Logo
Our Rubbish Services are Government Approved

Fast Daily Rubbish Collections: E14
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